Norrie McCulloch – Old Lovers Junkyard

Old Lovers Junkyard is the debut album, on The Barne Society label, of Scottish singer songwriter Norrie McCulloch. The songs have influences of country and folk music from the 60’s/70’s such as The Band/John Martyn and also a more modern alt-country sound of acts such as Uncle Tupelo, whose album March 16th-20th 1992 McCulloch cites as being a defining influence on his musical style, along with earlier artists such as Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons.

McCulloch brought together friends and frequent collaborators to contribute to the recording including multi-instrumentalist Dave McGowan of Teenage Fanclub/Lightships, guitarist Angus Braid and harmony duo Marco Rea and Stuart Kidd of The Wellgreen. The result is an album of tasteful subtleties: warm harmonies, pure sounding acoustics and sparkling steel guitars played over songs that introduce themselves like old acquaintances.

Though much of Old Lovers Junkyard was recorded using a full ensemble, McCulloch’s live sets are often performed in an acoustic solo or duo mode alongside Braid and/or McGowan with backing of national steel guitar, mandolin and double bass. Songs such as Helen and the closing track on the album Still Looking For You which calls to mind Harvest era Neil Young were recorded entirely live and depict McCulloch’s natural and stripped down approach beautifully.

You can grab yourself a copy of ‘Old Lovers Junkyard’ here: 

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